Saturday, October 20, 2007

Ravens Report-Week 7

Ravens Report

The Ravens won last week’s game against the Rams, 22-3. The Ravens got on the board first with a 43-yard field goal from Ravens K Matt Stover. In the 2nd quarter, with the score now 6-0, Ravens RB Willis McGahee ran for a 6-yard touchdown run, this was McGahee’s first rushing TD as a Raven. The rest of the scoring was field goals (three from Stover, one from Rams K Jeff Wilkins). The Ravens defense dominated this game, forcing 6 turnovers and 5 INTs from Rams QB Gus Frerotte! The Ravens defense also held Rams RB Travis Minor to only 40 yards! The Ravens had this game under control throughout.

Next Sunday the Ravens will head to Buffalo to face the Bills. Current Ravens RB Willis McGahee will be going against his former team and their fans, one of the most loyal in the NFL. The Ravens played the Bills last year in Baltimore to finish the season, the Ravens won, 19-7. Both teams have already announced that their backup QBs (Ravens QB Kyle Boller and Bills QB Trent Edwards) will be starting. The Bills defense is the worst in the league, so the Ravens offense should have a breakout day. The Ravens have a league-best run defense, and the Bills have RB Marshawn Lynch, who is on track to have 1,000 rushing yards. This should be a good game, but I have the Ravens winning, 31-10. I would also like to wish a happy birthday to Ravens RB Willis McGahee, who turns 26 on October 20th, I hope his birthday will pump him up.

Matchups to look at for Ravens vs. Bills

Ravens LB Ray Lewis vs. Bills RB Marshawn Lynch

Ravens CB Samari Rolle vs. Bills WR Lee Evans

Ravens DT Dwan Edwards vs. Bills G Derrick Dockery

Bills CB Terrence McGee vs. Ravens WR Derrick Mason

Bills RE Aaron Schobel vs. Ravens T Adam Terry

Bills DT Larry Tripplett vs. Ravens T Jared Gaither

Injury Report


Player - Injury- Status

DT Trevor Pryce- Wrist- OUT

TE Todd Heap- Thigh- DBT

LB Ray Lewis- Knee- QST

QB Steve McNair- Back- QST

CB Chris McAlister- Knee- DBT

TE Daniel Wilcox- Foot- DBT

C Mike Flynn- Knee- QST

WR Derrick Mason- Knee- PRB

RB Willis McGahee- Knee- PRB

T Jonathan Ogden- Toe- QST

LB Gary Stills- Knee- PRB

T Adam Terry- Ankle- QST

WR Demetrius Williams- Knee- PRB


Player- Injury- Status

DE Ryan Denney- Foot- OUT

S Jim Leonhard- Calf- OUT

WR Peerless Price- Neck- OUT

WR Sam Aiken- Hamstring- QST

DT Kyle Williams- Illness- PRB

CB Ashton Youboty- Ankle- DBT

G Brad Butler- Hip- PRB

QB J.P. Losman- Knee- PRB

DT Coy Wire- Knee- PRB

Suggestion: The Ravens need to score more touchdowns instead of relying on K Matt Stover to put up points.

AFC North Standings

Team W- L- GB

Steelers 4- 1- 0.0

Ravens 4- 2- 0.5

Browns 3- 3- 1.5

Bengals 1- 4- 3.0

AFC North Outlook: If the Ravens win and the Steelers lose, the Ravens will be in first place. The Steelers are playing the Broncos in Denver, the Browns have a bye week, and the Bengals are playing the Jets in Cincinnati.

That’s it for this week’s version of the Ravens Report, I’m Max Buchdahl, let’s go kick Buffalo’s butts!


Max B said...

hey, this guy really knows what he's talking about, keep up the good work!!!

UnkaSteve said...

Big whoop. The writers are making such a big thing out of the win, but a win against who? Against the second worst offense in football, that’s who. And against a team that not only is not in our division, but that isn’t even in our conference. The one good thing is that finally, at last, they gave the ball to McGahee to score a TD (but of course the bad news is that it was his first, and only TD. We seem to be at the point where even if it’s good news, there’s still bad news. Sheesh.). Of course all wins are important, but we’ve got to win the games that matter, and those games are coming up, in spades.