Saturday, October 13, 2007

Ravens Report-Week 6

Ravens Report

The Ravens improved their record to 3-2 last week in San Francisco with a 9-7 win over the Niners. The first points were put up by Ravens K Matt Stover who made it 6-0 at the half after kicking two field goals (26 yards and 32 yards). The 49ers offense was dead in the first half, having to punt on all of their 5 possessions. On the first drive of the second half for the Niners, QB Trent Dilfer threw an interception to Ravens S Ed Reed. Matt Stover hit a 49-yard field goal on that drive to make it 9-0. But after that the 49ers offense finally came alive. A 23-yard touchdown pass from Dilfer to WR Arnaz Battle made it 9-7. After a defensive battle in the 4th quarter, the Ravens came away with a victory! There were two great things to look at about this game. First, Ravens K Matt Stover hit the three field goals that won the Ravens the game. The other is that the Ravens defense held amazing Niners RB Frank Gore to only 52 yards.

Next week the Ravens will come back home to face the 0-5 St. Louis Rams. The Rams will be missing star RB Steven Jackson and possibly starting QB Marc Bulger. The replacement for Jackson would be rookie RB Brian Leonard, who is also pretty good.

The replacement for Bulger would be Gus Frerotte. Frerotte started last week’s Rams loss to the Cardinals. He threw for 262 yards, 3 TDs and 3 INTs in the game. The Ravens have a better defense than the Cardinals do, so I expect him to throw at least 2 INTs, no more than 2 TDs and no more than 250 yards passing. Ravens QB Steve McNair has missed two days of practice this week, so if he can’t go, backup QB Kyle “Butterfingers” Boller will be under center. It should be a good game. I have the Ravens winning 24-10.

Matchups to Look at for Ravens vs. Rams

Ravens LB Ray Lewis vs. Rams RB Brian Leonard

Ravens CB Chris McAlister vs. Rams WR Torry Holt

Ravens LB Bart Scott vs. Rams TE Randy McMichael

Rams LB Will Witherspoon vs. Ravens RB Willis McGahee

Rams LB Pisa Tinoisamoa vs. Ravens TE Todd Heap

Rams DE Leonard Little vs. Ravens G Jason Brown

Injury Report


Player - Injury- Status

DT Trevor Pryce- Wrist- OUT

C Mike Flynn- Knee - QST

WR Derrick Mason- Illness- PRB

T Adam Terry- Ankle- OUT

TE Daniel Wilcox- Toe- OUT

TE Todd Heap- Thigh- PRB

T Jonathan Ogden- Toe- QST

CB Samari Rolle- Illness- QST

LB Gary Stills- Knee- PRB

QB Steve McNair- Back- QST


Player - Injury- Status

Steven Jackson- Groin- OUT

WR Dane Looker- Thigh- OUT

LB Raonall Smith- Knee- OUT

WR Isaac Bruce- Hamstring- OUT

WR Dante Hall- Ankle- OUT

WR Torry Holt- Knee- PRB

QB Marc Bulger- Ribs- QST

S Corey Chavous- Pectoral- QST

DE James Hall- Pectoral- PRB

QB Gus Frerotte- Ankle- PRB

CB Tye Hill- Back- PRB

S Todd Johnson- Neck- PRB


The Ravens are still hoping on luck to bring them to victory. This has got to stop now!

AFC North Standings

Team W- L - GB

Steelers 4- 1- 0.0

Ravens 3- 2- 1.0

Browns 2- 3- 2.0

Bengals 1- 3- 2.5

The Steelers have a bye week this week, so a win for the Ravens would be huge. The Browns will face the 0-5 Dolphins in Cleveland and the Bengals are coming off a bye week, they’ll play the Chiefs in Kansas City.

Gameday: Sunday, October 14

Time: 1:00

Well, that’s it for this week’s version of the Ravens Report, I’m Max Buchdahl, let’s go kick the Rams butt’s!

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UnkaSteve said...

Yeah, yeah, it's great we have Stover, but wouldn't it be nice to have a team that saw the Red Zone as something other than a distant dream? I mean, can a team really be great, can a team really make to post on the foot of a kicker alone? Our passing game continues to be so weak that I'm astounded and confused at Coach's refusal to put the ball in MaGahee's hands more often. 'Cause when he does, good things happen. And I mean they happen after contact. And that's gotta be one sign of a great player - yards after contact. I think that should become MaGahee's nickname, YAC, Yards After Contact. YAC! YAC!