Sunday, October 7, 2007

Ravens Report-Week 5

Ravens Report

Unfortunately, the Ravens lost last week to the Browns, 27-13. The first points were put up by the Browns on a 2-yard pass from Browns QB Derek Anderson to WR Joe Jerevicius. The next points were also from the Browns, a 78-yard pass from Anderson to WR Braylon Edwards. After field goals from each kicker the score was Browns 17, Ravens 3. Browns RB (and Former Ravens RB) Jamal Lewis then ran for a one-yard score. Matt Stover then hit a field goal and the score at half was Browns 24, Ravens 6. At the end of three quarters the score was now 27-6. In the 4th quarter, Ravens QB Steve McNair threw a 4-yard touchdown pass to third-string TE Quinn Sypniewski. Those were the last points put up. I have one main concern after watching this game. The second most accurate kicker in NFL history, Ravens K Matt Stover missed two field goals, one’s that he’d usually hit easily (46 yards and 41 yards). Unfortunately, I have a feeling that this will be Stover’s last year in the NFL. A good thing to look at is that Ravens RB Willis McGahee is getting better every week.

Next Sunday the Ravens will take a road trip to San Francisco to face the 49ers. The Ravens are trying to win their first road game of the year. Also, the Ravens will be going against Mike Nolan, Former Ravens Defensive Coordinator and current 49ers Head Coach. Because Nolan knows the Ravens defense so well, this could be a problem. The Ravens will also be facing 49ers QB Trent Dilfer (and Former Ravens QB), Dilfer was the starting QB for the Ravens when they won the Super Bowl in 2000. The Ravens have more depth on both offense and defense than the 49ers do. My main concern about this game is the Ravens trying to stop 49ers star RB Frank Gore. The Ravens haven’t given up 100 yards to an individual rusher yet, the most being 67 yards to Thomas Jones of the Jets. I have a feeling I won’t be able to give that stat to you next week because of Gore’s power as a RB. It should be a good game, but I think the Ravens will win.

Injury Report


DT Trevor Pryce OUT

TE Todd Heap QST

CB Samari Rolle OUT

LB Terrell Suggs PRB

TE Daniel Wilcox QST

KR/PR Yamon Figurs QST

WR Derrick Mason QST

QB Steve McNair PRB

T Jonathan Ogden QST


TE Vernon Davis OUT

QB Alex Smith OUT


TE Billy Bajema QST



WR Jason Hill DBT

CB Tarell Brown PRB

T Jonas Jennings OUT



DBT- Doubtful

AFC North Standings

Team W- L- GB

Steelers 3- 1- 0.0

Ravens 2- 2- 1.0

Browns 2- 2- 1.0

Bengals 1- 3 - 2.0

Suggestions: The Ravens have got to stop with this “let’s try and get a lucky win” crap. We have to go right for the win, not wish that luck will bring us to victory.

That’s it for this week’s version of the Ravens Report, I’m Max Buchdahl, let’s go kick the Niners butt.

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UnkaSteve said...

There is no joy in Mudville. Fact is, there's no mud in Mudville. Heck, there ain't no rain. My friend, it is dry on the field for the Ravens. Weak at quarterback, weak on defense, weak (this week) on special teams, weak (as Max points out) at kicker. I still love McGahee, but it seems the team doesn't; if McNair is weak in the air then USE MCGAHEE. No, there is no rain; that water you feel is my tears. I am so sad.